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Jay Webb

Jay Webb

Forestry intern (1988)

In a word, Great Mountain Forest, for me, was empowering.
July 7, 1988 Journal Entry:
I backed into the welding garage today with the log truck and broke a fixture off the boom, plus pushed the garage in 4-5”. Felt bad about costing my employer. I marked huge red oaks and eastern hemlock with Darrel Russ today out by Meekertown road.
When asked to tell of my time at Great Mountain Forest, I went back to a journal I kept while I was there and I began to reminisce. It brought me back to an amazing summer in 1988, surrounded by the beautiful land and the intriguing people. There are so many stories I could tell. I don’t know how the honor of being one of four forest techs that summer came to me, for I’m sure many applied. What I do know is that I arrived as a stranger from NY; a kid with no experience and in almost no time at all I felt like family and was respected for my hard work.

Jay Webb
Certified Arborist and Owner/President of Ascending Landscapes Bend, Oregon

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